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Burlington Century 430

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
Burlington CB&Q
No. T235-A  -1967 Release

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
Burlington Northern
No. T235-H
Decorated in Burlington Northern's Cascade green and black but using a very non-prototypical lettering pattern, TYCO's Burlington Northern Alco Century 430 made no appearances in any TYCO Catalogs.  It has been found in both Red Box and later Brown Box examples.  Availability is thought to be early through mid 1970s.

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
Canadian National
No. T235-D  

Alco Diesel Locomotive
Great Northern
No. 235-F -1970 Release

TYCO's Big Sky Blue Great Northern Century 430 avoids being pictured in TYCO catalogs, but does make an appearance in mail order ads in 1970.   

Green, Bay & Western Century 430 pre-production drawing from 1966

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
Green Bay & Western
No. T235-A -1966 Release

Though used in TYCO catalogs originally to promote the C430, no known examples have been found for the red Green Bay & Western model.  It is thought to not exist and was never produced.

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
New Haven
No. T235-B

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
Penn Central
No. T235-C

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe
No. T235-C -1967 Release

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
Spokane Portland & Seattle
No. T235-C  

The Spokane Portland & Seattle TYCO Alco 430 is listed in the 1966-67 catalog, but not picture of the model is provided.  Along with the Green Bay & Western listing, the SP&S Alco 430 is believed to have not been produced by TYCO.

Alco 430 Diesel Locomotive
No. K235-X

Not known to have been issue in R-T-R form, the plain black shell TYCO Alco 430 is shown here in its kit offering form the '60s.

Notice that of the first year roadnames for the Century 430, only the New Haven remains in future catalogs. The stock numbers T235A for the Green, Bay & Western and T235C for Spokane, Portland & Seattle are given to the Burlington(T235A) and Santa Fe(T235C) models.

Beginning with the 1968-69 catalog, TYCO no longer lists individual roadnames for its diesels.

Retail Price for the Century 430 is $14.98 in the 1966-67, 1967-68, and 1968-69 catalogs. The 1969-70 catalog has the Century 430 priced at $15.00. The price is $16.00 in the 1970-71 catalog. TYCO no longer lists kits for its diesels beginning with the 1968-69 catalog.

A Kit, carrying the stock number K235, is listed as available Fall 1966 with a $10.98 retail price. The Century 430 Kit is $12.98 in the 1967-68 catalog.
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