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                           Cargo King set

1978 Train Sets
Cargo King
No. 6-1761 -1977 Release

1978 Train Sets
Chesapeake Flyer
No. 6-1865 -1978 Release

1978 Train Sets
Great Plains Express
No. 6-1866 -1978 Release

1978 Train Sets
Logging Empire
No. 6-1862 -1978 Release
Set featured a Santa Fe 0-4-0 steam engine, operating log dumper car with logs, box car, flat car with fences and work caboose, plus log loading mill.

1978 Train Sets
Milwaukee Limited
No. 6-1867 -1978 Release

1978 Train Sets
Santa Fe Double Diesel
No. 6-1864 -1978 Release
Set included a powered Santa Fe silver and red Alco A with dummy Alco B, gondola with canister load, flat car with stakes, double door box car, hopper and square window caboose .

Lionel train set

                           Steel Hauler set

1978 Train Sets
The Steel Hauler
No. 6-1760 -1977 Release
Set included a Republic Steel diesel switcher, flat car with stakes, gondola, hopper, bobber caboose, Peterbilt tractor truck with stakebed trailer, operatring crane kit, two die-cut buildings, and plastic loads.

1978 Train Sets
No. 6-1860 -1978 Release
Set featured a Santa Fe 0-4-0 steam engine, operating log dumper car, and work caboose, plus log loading mill.

Lionel 1978 catalog

Lionel's 1978 catalog included six new train set offerings. Completely new for '78 were Lionel's Timberline (No. 6-1860), Logging Empire (No. 6-1862), Great Plains Express (No. 6-1866) and Milwaukee Limited (No. 6-1867). The Santa Fe Double Diesel set (No. 6-1864) is a revised version of a previous offering, as is the Chesapeake Flyer (No. 6-1865). Returning from previous years, Steel Hauler (No. 6-1760) and Cargo King (No. 6-1761) both from Lionel's Trains n' Truckin' category introduced in 1977. The other train set found in the 1978 Lionel catalog is the Black River Freight (No. 6-1662) first seen in 1976.