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Lionel O27 Train Set

1972 Train Sets
The Allegheny
No. 6-1284 -1972 Release
The Mighty Sound of Steam, new in '71, was found in this set in the C&O 2-4-2 Steam Engine and Tender.  Freight Car included the Ford Motorcraft Box Car, TA&G Hopper, BN Gondola with Canisters, Santa Fe Bulkhead with Load and Stakes and a C&O Caboose.  A 27" x 54" track plan is provided with Transformer, Foam Buildings and Two Figures.  For '72 a whistle is added and the Ford Motorcraft Box Car replaces the Wheaties car.

1972 Train Sets
Cross Country Express
No. 6-1186 -1971 Release
An Illinois Central GP-9 powered this impressive 1971 train set from Lionel pulling an IC Box Car, the GMCX Tank Car, L&N Flat Car with Dozer and Scraper, N&W Covered Hopper, Penn Central Log Dump Car with Logs and Illuminated IC Caboose.  The track plan was a big 71" x 36" double oval, two figures and transformer were included.

1972 Train Sets
Kickapoo Valley & Northern
No. 6-1280 -1972 Release
Many new tooling pieces were featured in this 1972 offering.  The Dockside Switcher loco pulled a new operating dump car, gondola and caboose.  The rolling stock all featured simplified trucks and lock-tight couplers.

Lionel O27 Train Set

1972 Train Sets
Pioneer Dockside Switcher
No. 6-1287 -1972 Release
Lionel's new for '72 Dockside Switcher was featured in this train set offering.  For this set, the Dockside received a companion tender.  The set also included a hopper car, gondola and caboose.

Lionel O27 Train Set

1972 Train Sets
Santa Fe Twin Diesel
No. 6-1285 -1972 Release
Red and silver warbonnet Santa Fe powered Alco A and dummy B are at the head of this 1971 set.  Rolling stock included the TA&G Hopper, Southern Box Car, Burlington Northern Gondola with Canisters, Penn Central Log Car, Northern Pacific Flat Car with Trailers, and Santa Fe Caboose.  Track plan included a 27" x 80" figure 8.  Lionel's 50-watt Transformer was included, plus two figures. 

1972 Train Sets
The Silver Star
No. 6-1183 -1971 Release
Set was powered by a Pennsylvania 2-4-2 Steam Engine and Tender with a Great Northern Hopper, Republic Steel Gondola with Canisters, Union Pacific Flat Car with Stakes and a Penn Central Caboose.  The track plan built a 27" x 64" figure 8.

1972 Train Sets
Wabash Cannonball
No. 6-1081 -1971 Release
Though named Wabash Cannonball, the set had Nickel Plate Road power in the form of a 2-4-2 Steam Engine and Tender and Nickel Plate Road Caboose.  Two freight cars in the set and they were the green Republic Steel Gondola and Union Pacific Flat Car with Stakes.  Transformer and 27" x 36" track plan finished out the contents.

1972 Train Sets
The Yardmaster
No. 6-1182 -1971 Release
A Detroit Toledo & Ironton Diesel Switcher pulled the Republic Steel Gondola with Canisters, the unique Mini Max Car, Penn Central Log Dump Car with Logs and DT&I Work Caboose.  Transformer and 27" x 45" oval track plan was included in the set.

Lionel 1972 catalog

Eight train sets are featured in Lionel's 1972 catalog. Many are returning offerings from previous years. New for '72 is the Dockside Switcher, found in two sets.