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1976 Train Sets
Amtrak Lake Shore Limited
No. 6-1663 -1976 Release
Set included an Alco A diesel, vista dome car, two Pullmans and an observation car.

1976 Train Sets
The Black River Freight
No. 6-1662 -1976 Release
Set included .

1976 Train Sets
Chesapeake Flyer
No. 6-1586 -1975 Release
A C&O 4-4-2 and tender with sound pulled a Rio Grande Gondola with Canisters, N&W Auto Carrier, Chessie Hopper, Santa Fe Bulkhead Flat Car with Stakes and C&O Caboose made up this set's engine and rolling stock.

Lionel Train Set

1976 Train Sets
Illinois Central Freight
No. 6-1664 -1976 Release
Set included an orange and white Illinois Central Gulf U36B (No. 6-8669) pulling a RailBox Box Car, Penn Central Auto Carrier, Southern Covered Hopper, Miller Billboard Reefer, L&N Flat Car with Scraper and an Illinois Central Gulf Lighted Caboose.  Lionel's Automatic Drawbridge (No. 6-2317) was included in the set.  The track plan built a large figure 8 layout with spur.

Lionel Train Set

1976 Train Sets
75th Anniversary Special
No. 6-1585 -1975 Release
Lionel commemorated its 75th anniversary with this impressive train set offering.  All pieces feature Lionel markings.  Power was the U36B pulling four sliding door box cars, two reefers and one covered hopper, plus an illuminated caboose.

1976 Train Sets
NYC Empire State Express
No. 6-1665 -1976 Release
Set included an NYC 4-6-4 steam engine, Great Northern box car, NYC stock car, Southern covered hopper, Sunoco tank car, and NYC caboose.

1976 Train Sets
Rock Island Line
No. 6-1661 -1976 Release
Set included .

1976 Train Sets
Santa Fe Double Diesel
No. 6-1489 -1974 Release
This set featured Lionel's Alco A and B in Santa Fe paint pulling a CN Hopper, BN Gondola with Canisters, Ford Motorcraft Box Car, Republic Gondola, UP Flat Car with Stakes and Santa Fe Caboose.

1976 Train Sets
Southern Express
No. 6-1384 -1973 Release
The Southern Express had a green 2-4-0 Steam Engine with sound pulling a Republic Steel Gondola, CN Hopper, UP Flat Car with Stakes and Southern Caboose.  A figure 8 layout measuring 27" x 64" was provided with transformer.

1976 Train Sets
Thunderball Freight
No. 6-1581 -1975 Release
A Pennsylvania 2-4-0 with sound powered the Thunderball Freight introduced in 1975.  Rolling stock included the Great Northern Hopper, Union Pacific Flat Car with Stakes, Southern Pacific Gondola and Penn Central Caboose.

1976 Train Sets
Yard Boss
No. 6-1660 -1976 Release
Set included .

1976 Train Sets
Yard Chief
No. 6-1582 -1975 Release
A Soo Diesel Switcher with Burlington Northern Gondola with Canisters, Rio Grande Double Door Box Car, Great Northern Hopper, Republic Flat Car with Stakes and Soo Work Caboose.

Lionel 1976 catalog