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Favorite Spirits Series
Calvert Gin
No. 6-9841 -1985 Release

Favorite Spirits Series
Cutty Sark
No. 6-9827 -1984 Release

Favorite Spirits Series
No. 6-9829 -1984 Release

Favorite Spirits Series
Fleischmann's Gin
No. 6-9840 -1985 Release

Favorite Spirits Series
J & B
No. 6-9828 -1984 Release

Lionel Favorite Spirits

Favorite Spirits Series
Jim Beam
No. 6-9835 -1983 Release

Favorite Spirits Series
Johnny Walker Red
No. 6-9830 -1984 Release

Lionel Favorite Spirits

Favorite Spirits Series
Old Grand-Dad
No. 6-9836 -1983 Release

Favorite Spirits Series
Seagrim's Gin
No. 6-9842 -1985 Release

Lionel Favorite Spirits

Favorite Spirits Series
Southern Comfort
No. 6-9834 -1983 Release

Favorite Spirits Series
Tanqueray Gin
No. 6-9843 -1985 Release

Lionel Favorite Spirits

Favorite Spirits Series
Wild Turkey
No. 6-9837 -1983 Release

Lionel Favorite

Lionel 1983 Collector
                           Series Catalog

Four cars are present in the 1983 Lionel Collectors Series Catalog's Favorite Spirits set: Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Southern Comfort, and Old Grand-dad. The car used for the Favorite Spirits releases is Lionel's wood sided reefer. The 1984 Favorite Spirits additions included: Cutty Sark, Dewars, J&B and Johnny Walker Red. Four more Favorite Spirits arrive in 1985: Calvert Gin, Fleischmann's Gin, Seagrim's Gin and Tanqueray Gin.