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Life-Like F-7A Amtrak

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
No. 08684
No. 8672

Life-Like B&O F7-A

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Baltimore & Ohio
No. T233A
No. 08687

Life-Like Burlington Northern F-7A

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Burlington Northern
No. T233J
No. 08688
No. 8686

F7-A Diesel Locomotive

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Campbell's Soup

                                    to View Larger ImageLife-Like
                                    Canadian National F7-A

Life-Like HO-Scale
                                    Trains Resource

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Canadian National 
No. T233M

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Canadian Pacific
No. T233N
No. 8318

Life-Like F-7A Chessie System

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Chessie System
No. 08685
No. 8667

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Chicago North Western 
No. T233E

Life-Like Conrail F-7A

Life-Like Conrail F7-A

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
No. 08694 -1977

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
CP Rail
No. 8365C

Life-Like F-7A Great Northern

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Great Northern
No. 08691
No. 8673

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 
No. 08696 -1977 Release
The GM&O dressed F-7A is included in the Life-Like line beginning with the 1977 catalog.  A prototype picture of GM&O's #807B is found in the catalog.  Noted rail photographer Dick Wallin supplied pictures and information to Life-Like for this and other F-7 and GP38-2 roadnames added in the late '70s.

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Illinois Central Gulf 
No. 08684 -1977 Release

Life-Like F-7A Milwaukee Road

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Milwaukee Road
No. 08695 -1977 Release

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Penn Central 
No. T233C
No. 08312

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe
No. T233B
No. 08689
No. 8666

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F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Soo Line
No. T233

Life-Like F-7A Southern

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
No. 08693 -1977 Release
No. 8674

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific
No. 08690
No. 8669

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
No. 08697 -1977 Release

F7-A Diesel Locomotive
Union Pacific
No. T233D
No. 08686

Present in the line from its inception around 1970, this EMD F7-A diesel model has a matching F7-B booster diesel model. Both tooling originated in the early 1960s with Penn Line. Varney takes over much of the Penn Line catalog around 1965. This F7 remains with Varney, until the company's demise and entry into Life-Like. For its history in HO-scale, this F7 has been part of Life-Like's offerings and continues to be found to the present day.

Life-Like Down Under...

Not available in the United States, above is Life-Like's F7-A dressed for Austrailian National service.  Life-Like over the years has offered a variety of HO-Scale trains that are exclusive to markets outside America. 

Listed as new for 1981, Life-Like began including two free collector cards in each locomotive box.  One was the Loco Report and the other was a Tips series card.  Below is the F-7's Loco Report card, which carries #3...