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COX Trains Collector's Resource
COX Catalogs

COX 1975 Catalog

"COX '75" is the first catalog to feature the Hong Kong produced line of HO-scale trains that serves as the focus for this web site.

This catalog is 40-pages of full-color and includes the HO-scale trains beginning on page 23 and continuing through the end of the catalog.

The first section is "Engine Powered Models" and runs through page 16. This section displays COX's R/C planes and automobiles.

Pages 17-22 contain COX's 1/32-scale race cars. Called "Super Scale," there are four race sets shown with eight different race cars available.

COX 1976 Catalog

"COX Power '76" is a 44-page full-color review of the bicentennial year's product lines.

"Engine Power Cars and Planes" open the catalog and run through page 24. HO-scale trains enter on page 25 and conclude on page 38. The last section of the catalog is titled, "Wheel Power Big Car Racing" and deals with COX's 1/32-scale race car sets.

The 1977 COX catalog is titled "1977 The New Age of COX" and does include eight pages of the Hong Kong-produced HO-scale train line.

COX Trains Collector's Resource