Bachmann N Gauge Railroad

After many years of supplying the famous Plasticvilla USA structures, Bachmann branches out to include ready to run model trains in beginning in 1968. Though O and HO were the scales offered for Plasticville kits, N first receives Bachmann ready to run model trains. The Bachmann N-Scale Model Trains Resource includes all items offered since the introduction of the product line in 1968.

Bachmann N-scale Locomotives

There's more to view! Enjoy all the locomotives produced by Bachmann over the years in the Bachmann N-scale Locomotive Resource. When Bachmann enters N scale in 1968, the line included both locos and rolling stock. The first diesel offerings included the EMD F9A and F9B, plus a GP40 model. Steam locos would arrive in the early 1970s. The line continued to expand in offerings over the years. Innovations in quality in the 1990s included the Bachmann Plus series and the Spectrum line. From the UA Turbo and Metroliner to the current RS-3 and GP7 models, you'll find them all presented in this site.

Bachmann packaging

Bachmann's rolling stock for its N-scale collection has included prototypes from all eras of North American railroading. Early wood side box cars to the modern Amfleet passenger cars have all been produced by Bachmann in N-scale. See them all at the Bachmann N-scale Rolling Stock Resource.

Bachmann 1969 advertisement

Bachmann 1969 advertisement

Bachmann N-scale model trains

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